Overview of Airtame

Airtame is an enterprise grade wireless HDMI device for TVs and projectors. Users can share content wirelessly from their laptop or mobile device to one or more screens. Airtame helps getting rid of screen cables in classrooms and in conference rooms.

What does it do? 

  • Replaces screen cables
  • Everyone can easily connect to TVs/projectors from any device, great in a BYOD environments 
  • A full mirroring experience from laptops (Mac OS, Windows and Chromebook) and the ability to present documents/images from iOS/Android devices
  • Flexible sharing options – Present using the Airtame desktop app, Google Cast, Miracast or AirPlay
  • It integrates well with enterprise networks (WPA-2, user PIN code and hard-wiring option)
  • IT administrators can remotely monitor and manage devices from the Airtame cloud 
  • It’s an affordable plug & play solution 
  • Nothing needs to be plugged into the teachers/students/colleagues devices. Everything works from an app. 
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